Kollel Hashechunah

was founded by  הר"הג ר' שמואל בירנבוים זצ"וקל during his terminal illness as the fruit of his heartrending words,

"The job of Harbotzas Hatorah in America is not yet over. I pray that Hashem should continue giving energy to the שליח....”

48 hours later we had a name – coined by the Rosh Yeshivah, and the first three yungerleit were learning.


OUR MISSION is to create a nucleus for Torah influence in the community and to promote a general feeling among Baalei Batim that the Torah is also THEIRSTo learn, to grow in, to enjoy.

The spirit the Rosh Yeshivah ז''ל imbued is felt in all aspects of the unique שכונה we are developing. Besides for the NIGHT KOLLEL , warm energetic shabbos tefilos and respectful absolute silence from talking, our shul breaths Torah throughout shabbos!

  • Erev Shabbos the kol torah of a 1 hour seder greets people as they come in for mincha.
  • Friday night davening is followed by a Chaburah in Sefer HaChinuch,
  • Pre Shachris our Gabbai learns with boys Sefer Hamitzvos HaKatzer
  • Shabbos morning davening is followed by a seder in Avos with Rabeinu Yonah,
  • On shabbos afternoon the walls reverberate with the beautiful voices of 25-45 boys reading the Parshah out loud.
  • This is followed by a Shiur in Ein Ya’akov for the balei batim.
  • After mincha we have a Daf Yomi and/or Pirkei Avos shiur.
  • Additionally we have an amazing, packed motzei shabbos Avos U’banim called T.O.A.S.T.


OUR PROGRESS: Our foundational program – the night kollel – has spread its influence to become the wonderful community shul that it is. This root has successfully branched out to many more Torah programs. In addition to our current programs,

  • DAF Yomi – At 10:15pm, it’s the latest DAF in town! Led by R’ Moshe Rubin.
  • EtChaim – three nights a week 6th - 8th grade boys learn with avreichim mah shelibam chafetz
  • E.S.S. – Erev Shabbos Seder – 1 hour seder before every Shabbos (or yom tov!)
  • NoS– Noam Shabbos - parshah, stories and oneg for any boys who can read chumash.
  • T.O.A.S.T. – Time Out And Study Torah – our unbelievably popular Motzei Shabbos program that extends to snow & other ‘school off’ days, bridging the yeshivah - camp gap.
  • Cocoa Club – has just completed the entire Sefer HaMitzvos HaKatzer of the Chofetz Chaim!
  • A.L.E.H. – Amazing Lessons to Elevate the Heart – monthly shiur for our N’shei Chayil to meet & grow.

בשבח והודאה למי ששוכן בבית זה

מודים אנחנו על גמר הרחבת בית המדרש

It is hard to imagine that Maran envisioned such Harbotzas Torah emanating from the small Kollel he started, but he certainly would be a proud meilitz yosher for the supporters of the last Torah institution he founded.

FOR 1,800$

Parnes HaChodesh is a great way to commemorate a yahrtzeit or just for the immense z’chus of hundreds of hours of serious, in depth Torah study being learned as a product of your support. 

      We are a 501c (3) tax deductable organization and any donation is welcome. 

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